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Fashion Gallery: Inspiration from the Spanish underground by Mauricio Alpizar

Designer Mauricio Alpizar has travelled from Costa Rica to Perth to Sydney, London and Berlin – calling each home at a time – a now living in Bali, but he always recalls some of his Latin heritage in his stylish collections.

Mauricio’s latest line goes further back in historic lineage, inspired by the brooding but beautiful aesthetics of the Spanish underground; a clandestine life where youth meets a more mature muse, where art clashes boldly with religion, and where fashion takes a naughty twist but stays consistently in good taste.

Several of the garments in this 16-piece collection feature handmade embellishments of crucifixes, with religion regularly a close source of inspiration for Mauricio.

Far from the stringency of any handmaiden’s tale, each piece is versatile enough to carry off at a festival, club or the more serious sophisticated soiree of your choice.

Hats featured are inspired by the traditional hat from the city of Córdoba, situated in the heart of Andalusia. It so happens that Córdoba is the most populous and second largest autonomous community in Spain… So a grand big accessory like this ought to help one stand out.

Lisa Andrews

Photography by Oscar Munar.

Video (below gallery) shot by Errol Vaes.

Models: Jane Hitchcock, Sophia Selina + Nariman Malan.

Makeup by Lilya.

Fashion by Mauricio Alpizar.

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