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Dad Shed Inspiration From TV and Film

The dad shed – or man cave – is becoming more popular for men; to have their own, personalized haven and dedicated space for relaxation, leisure activities, maybe even a work area.

Where space is located can vary too. It may be a basement, a spare bedroom, garage conversion, or shed in the garden – either purpose-built as a ‘dad shed’ or converted from an existing one.

One way of freeing up an existing shed so as to re-purpose it as a dad shed is to replace its original storage function with a metal prefabricated shed available in various sizes and types and able to stand up to the rigors of the weather.


Themed sheds

It’s common for dad sheds to be themed in some way – or at least have a ‘look’ geared towards their primary purpose.

For example, a dad shed used for games such as pool and video gaming may have an arcade look about it while some used for general chilling out and sipping a favorite tipple may look like a certain type of drinking establishment, such as a sport or Irish bar complete with Guinness or other famous drink branding.


Film and TV

For fans of certain films and TV programs, creating a dad shed would be full of possibilities and has been done by some.

For example, a young man in the UK built a shed dedicated to ‘Dad’s Army’, a long-running sitcom about the British Home Guard in World War II.

Similarly, fans of another UK hit TV program – sci-fi long-runner ‘Doctor Who’ – have built sheds based on the famous Tardis the Doctor uses to time-travel, in this case an old-style UK police phone box.

Certain film franchises such as Star Wars and James Bond are ripe for man shed ideas, and maybe a shed could take on the look of a famous TV or film set – an example might be the bar used in the hit show ‘Cheers’ if the desire is to create a dad shed with a mainly ‘bar like’ atmosphere with the added bonus of a TV theme to go with it.


Film and TV memorabilia

Sports themed dad sheds would likely have artifacts and posters relating to a specific sport, or maybe several, and music lovers may have a dad shed featuring musical memorabilia from certain eras or decades such as the 60s; film and TV buffs may have a dad shed with film posters and stills dotted about.


Great way to ‘show off’ collections

The dad shed is an ideal way to show off collections of memorabilia rather than it staying hidden in the loft or packed away in an old suitcase in a back bedroom.

Making a feature of film posters, photos and maybe souvenirs such as merchandise from major franchises such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park is certainly possible in a dad shed; maybe going to the trouble of framing posters and interesting pieces of clothing such as an unusual tee shirt to make the most of a collection is a worthwhile move.


Creating a dad shed

To create a comfortable space to enjoy spending time in, your shed will require significant conversion depending on what exact use you intend to put it to.

The effort though could be very worthwhile once you have your own dedicated space.

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