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Could the flip-phone be making a comeback? Say hello to Nokia’s new ‘banana phone’

I remember my first ever mobile handset. It was a clunky phone from Nokia, which I used to tuck into the base of my belt since it stuck out of my pocket and brought up too many Freudian connotations. How happy I was when the brand finally came out with their first flip-phone. Now I could tuck it neatly into my back pocket, without worrying about accidental bum-dialling… and certainly not looking, well, wrong as it did when it literally stuck out.

Since the early Zeroes, of course, phones have only gotten smaller and far more compact. But there’s been talk for a few months now about a return to the old flip-phone format, and Nokia is the first to put their new ‘banana phone’ onto the market.

After debuting at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, Nokia’s retro-inspired 8110 is finally hitting Aussie shop shelves.

Available in two colours – bright yellow or black – the Nokia 8110 has been built with ease and functionality in mind. It boasts a 2.4-inch QVGA curved display, features 512MB worth of RAM, 4GB storage, a 2MP rear camera, long battery life at 1,500mAh and the expected jacks and MicroSIM slot.

If you’re wanting to step back in time with things were, yes, a little easier and less overwhelming in technology, you can buy the Nokia 8110 4G from Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Big W and Officeworks, each stocking it now.

The best bit? The phone retails for just $129. So you you can invest it in as a backup device, at the very least!

Antonino Tati 

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