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Love… Snap Spectacles 3.0 captures video in 3D

Snap Spectacles 3.0 is the third version of those nifty specs folks use to catch video live, instantly uploading these to Snapchat. The big deal about version 3.0? The specs now capture images in 3D.

They still look very Pet Shop Boys meets Miley Cyrus…

Thanks to an additional HD camera, there’s now improved depth perception. The specs, like its predecessors, are still able to record short video segments and can be synced with a smartphone to upload to the user’s online account.

The downside? These new snazzy specs are retailing for over twice the price of last year’s model which cost US$150.

The high price of Spectacles 3 will likely limit sales, particularly since the majority of Snapchat’s market is made up of high school and college students who are already fairly strapped for cash.

Still, they do look very Pet Shop Boys meets Miley Cyrus.

Antonino Tati


Snap Spectacles 3 are available through spectacles.com RRP US380.00.





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