‘Absolutely Irish’: fun shenanigans despite the dull venue

Performing at Perth Mess Hall is a comic line-up of Irish stand-up artists: Martin Mor, Mary Bourke and Donal Vaughan.

Comedy acts at Fringe can be a bit hit-and-miss, yet often with Irish comedians you know you are guaranteed a laugh.

Lovable Martin Vor introduces the show with a warm exuberance where he works the crowd getting to know them while effortlessly working them into his act. His personable style is charming, winning over the audience immediately, who could happily banter with Martin all night.

Next up, funny lady Mary Bourke presents a more scripted lyrical brand of comedy that pokes fun at the stereotypical Subiaco vegan yoga yummy mummies and, well, any female wearing active-wear, really.

Last act Donal Vaughan relied heavily on a joke-filled set; funny at times, but more of the abovementioned miss than hit on this particular night. He didn’t seem as confident in his direction of jokes, uhm-ing and ahh-ing to try and find the right fit.

It might have been the venue affecting their game – with the Mess Hall based upstairs in a bright room that is too barren and clinical, lacking in atmosphere with dim lighting and low sound levels. In fact, the microphone during Mary’s set made it difficult to understand her some of the time. Even Martin joked about the “bright daylight streaming through the windows”. Quite simply, a dark curtain would have helped set the mood better.

Let’s hope these guys ease into their routine more confidently in performances to follow as each act is a unique comedic talent that can indeed make you chortle. ★★★1/2

Annette McCubbin


‘Absolutely Irish’ is on nightly pm at the Megamouth, Yagan Square until January 25.

Tickets are available at

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