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Acrobatic show ‘Caged’ stuck in a glut of familiarity

Caged presents a confident and experienced ensemble of circus artists from the renowned troupe, Kinetica. The production is hosted by award-winning burlesque star Sugar Du Joure, who doesn’t quite give a polished performance of half-man/half-women, ebbing in and out of a German male accent and her female nemesis.

The show features the talented Mr Boylesque Australia, Karl Kayoss, alongside a cast of Kinetica’s finest acrobats and aerialists, and together they work through acts that waver from wow factor to safe and uninspiring. Not the titillating dark fun show it promises to be.

The dark theme of Berlin underground in 1929 is a great idea but could have been executed better.

There is one stand-out act between the two male artists, that beautifully tells a story of loneliness in the cabaret scene, where the two cross over an imaginary wall to adopt each other’s entertainment persona and change gender portrayal. It’s clever and enchanting.

However, the theme and star acts aren’t utilised to their full potential, with the show lacking in storytelling and originality.

There needs to be less of showgirl Oleander (although a major overhaul might just save it) and more of magnificent Karl Kayoss who does the best with the choreography he has been given.

If you are new to Fringe World, then Caged will certainly entertain and appeal but for those who are Fringe veterans, you might be better off sitting this one out. ★★★

Annette McCubbin


‘Caged’ is on at the Edith Spiegeltent at Yagan Square until January 25.

For tickets visit www.fringeworld.com.au.

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