‘Seance’ provides a scary-as-f#ck escape from the usual Fringe tomfoolery

As a DJ and appreciator of quality audio production I found the brief aural experience Seance to be an awesome adventure in sound.

Patrons are led into a 40-foot-long shipping container and asked to sit around a long table, put on a set of headphones, and place their hands on the table in preparation of a supposed seance.

The lights are quickly turned out and suddenly you only have a demanding narrator and your imagination to guide you through one fairly startling occasion.

Produced in what seems to be quadrophonic sound, the narrator’s voice appears to move about the pitch-black makeshift room, sometimes appearing to come from the far left or right of you, other times seeming to whisper directly into your ear. It’s when his booming voice is that close that you truly start to freak out.

I had to grab the arm of my partner Ben to gain reassurance that I wasn’t going to be attacked by this spooky dude unseen.

Sure, most – if not all – of the narration in Seance is prerecorded but the quality insists that you go with the antics and assume you truly are being coaxed into something dastardly, dramatic and, yes, very terrifying.

If you like to occasionally trek to the dark side, and are drawn now and then to enjoy short, sharp shocks, you should definitely take part in this interesting experiment in sound.

Seance is part of the ‘Darkfield Series’ founded by audio artists Glen Neath and David Rosenberg. Together they’ve created a collection of individual experiences exploring fear and anxiety, each production employing binaural sound, darkness and movement to situate audience members at the heart of an evolving narrative.

The Seance experience goes for about 20 minutes, but you’re sure to still be shaking one hour later. ★★★★

Antonino Tati

‘Seance’ is on at the Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge as part of Fringe World until February 16, 2020.

Click here to purchase tickets.

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