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Trippy new ad from Adobe features Malala, Frida, Billie Eilish, and even Willy Wonka

A brand name that means a lot to graphic artists the world over, Adobe is what Outlook is to accountants and Word is to journalists.

So how does a brand whose main product is graphic design (and sound design to a certain degree) impress its rather arty audience? By creating an ad that’s so surreal it borders on the psychedelic.

A new Adobe campaign (#CreativityForAll) includes an advert featuring imagery made by more than 1,000 creatives, all using Adobe tools.

Of course this means lots of pop cultural pilfering.

The ad boasts digital appearances by activist Malala Yousafza, radical artist Frida Kahlo (RIP) and even a cameo by emo muso Billie Eilish, all to the soundtrack of the Willy Wonka song Pure Imagination.

As part of the campaign, Adobe is also launching a social initiative in partnership with non-profit education charity Teach for America where $US5 is being given to the charity for every user who adopts the hashtag #CreativityForAll in a Twitter post.

It’s a shame the Australian distributors for Adobe aren’t doing anything for worthy causes Down Under… especially given the extortionate cost of Adobe software in this country.

Antonino Tati


View Adobe’s trippy ‘Creativity For All’ ad here:

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