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How To Get A Vintage Car Back To Being Road-Ready

Whether you are a car restoration hobbyist or have simply decided to do something about the vintage car that has been sitting in your garage for years, getting an old car back on the road takes a bit of work. However, the job is easier when you know what steps to follow and what needs to be done.

Having some advice on what to do to get your car back on the road will ensure that you can quickly get it up and running and receive a roadworthy certificate to legally set out on the road. If you have the right guidance and a lot of patience, the reward of getting a restored vintage car back on the road will be well worth the effort.

To this end, let’s look at some of the steps you need to take to get a vintage car back to being road-ready.


Gauge Where You Are Starting From

The first step involved in getting a vintage car road-ready is to evaluate what shape the car is in. If there are missing parts or even damage from having sat in your backyard or garage for too long, then you will need to prepare for a more substantial project. If you parked the vehicle and it has simply sat idle for a while, then the job is a bit simpler. Have a look at your vehicle and take a look at the big picture.


Replace The Battery

If your car has sat for some time, then it likely has a dead battery. Buy a fresh battery to ensure that your car has enough power to fire up again. You do not want something as simple as a dead battery to keep you from bringing your car back to life. Old batteries need to be disposed of properly when you are done.


Replace The Spark Plugs

Like batteries, spark plugs may have deteriorated if your vehicle has sat idle for some time. Replace the plugs as well as their wiring, if needed, to ensure that this does not cause any problems when you are trying to start the vehicle. This easy fix will save you from the frustration of not knowing why your car is failing to turn over.


Replace The Tires

Tires on a car that has sat for a while will be deflated and so you will at least need to put some air into them to get your car back on the road. However, if your car has been idle for years, then you may need to replace the tires altogether. Tires deteriorate over time and older tires will not hold air very well. If you want to stay on the road and be safe, then buying a new set of compatible tires is the best way to go.


Check The Gas Tank

Naturally, you need to have some fresh gas in your vintage car to fire it up and hit the road. If there has been gas sitting in the tank for years, then you should replace this before you get going. Old or stale gas can contain sediments or water that will hurt the engine. Drain out the old fuel and put some fresh gas in to avoid ruining your restoration work.


Get Back On The Road

There are few joys in life like working to restore a vintage vehicle and heading out for a spin. Following these steps will get your car back on the road efficiently and quickly. Once you have everything in place, you can fire up the engine and set out for the road.

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