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Street artist Bansky gets creative while stuck in isolation at home…

What does the world’s best-known street artist do when stuck in isolation? Turn his home into a prime canvas for his street-style art, that’s what.

British graffiti creator Banksy, who is stuck in isolation like the rest of us, has resorted to decorating his house with his own artwork – namely images of rats getting up to no good.

He’s started out with his bathroom, featuring rats looking like having their own supermarket-style battle for toilet paper and hand wash.

There’s even one rat shown marking off days in quarantine in the mirror while another makes dirty – and we mean dirty – use of the toilet bowl.

Banksy revealed the works via his own Instagram page this week.

While the artist – who remains anonymous – has left his genius mark everywhere from Israel’s West Bank to Manhattan’s East Side to even the odd laneway in Melbourne, we’ve got to say this is his most personal installation yet.

Antonino Tati



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