4 Things You Can Do To Continue Celebrating ‘Earth Day’


Green Planet Earth

Earth Day was yesterday but that’s not to say you can’t continue respecting this great big earth for the rest of the week. Heck, the rest of your life!

Despite the fact that Mother Nature is the constant source of our liveliness, she doesn’t get much respect for it. While we’re busy digging her up for minerals, driving around in fuel-guzzling vehicles, and eating the fruit from her trees, she’s busy renewing herself and trying to keep up. So let’s consider at least this week her one week off.

Here are four things you can do to to to show her respect, y’all…


01. Go for a simple walk in the park

Make the most of still being allowed to exercise during Covid lockdown. Yep, around that big green field down the road from your home. It’s not just there filling up space vainly. In fact it’s offering you space to stretch your legs, do a bit of yoga, kick a ball around, walk the dog, check out the locals, tune into the birds, whatever you want. Just don’t go playing on the swings. It’s big. It’s green. It’s beautiful. It’s yours.


02. Plant something in your garden

We need plants for survival. Without the oxygen they produce, we wouldn’t breath. Make your garden a livelier place and plant a few, well, more plants.Even something as simple as an avocado seed or a handful of pumpkin seeds can grow into a beautiful green tree – and they’ll sprout in a matter of days in this weather!


03. Throw unneeded documents in the recycle bin

Yep – all that paper ‘work’ you don’t need, get Marie Kondo on it. From the tax stuff of over five years ago to that dark poetry no-one was going to read, get rid of it once and for all. And remind yourself to print less next time – and stick to digital documents.


04. Foster or adopt an animal in need

Get online and Google what species are in danger. You’ll be surprised at how a small donation per year can help keep something like an orphaned baby elephant or injured rhino alive. A few years ago, I adopted an elephant named Dupotto in Nairobi, Kenya. He’s sooooo cute, how could I not assist his wellbeing? To adopt an elephant of your own visit You’ll be reminded of your sponsored animal’s progress at least once a year, usually around Christmas, which is nice!

Antonino Tati

2 Responses to “4 Things You Can Do To Continue Celebrating ‘Earth Day’”

  1. Bex

    Mother Nature is vital for our sustainability as humans on this earth. I’ve been thinking of building a vegetable garden too. Dupotto is just gorgeous.



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