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Insane campaign sees folks sending naked pics to ‘cheer up’ medical staff during Covid crisis

Leave it to the Brits to get deep down and dirty – even during lockdown. Or especially because of it.

England’s health system – the NHS – and its long list of doctors, nurses and other health care workers have become heroes to the nation, just like the good docs and nurses have been getting lots of applause here in Oz.

But the English have decided to go further in thanking their medical and health workers by sending nude pictures of themselves to hospital staff.

A campaign called ‘Nudes for Heroes’ invites everyday Brits to upload nude pics of themselves onto a website accessible by NHS staff for free.

Non-NHS staff can also get a look in but they will have to pay a £9.99 ($A19.50) per month subscription, which will then be donated to the NHS.

The campaign was concocted by London DJ Alex Warren, who says, “We want to celebrate diversity and empower people of all appropriate age to share nudes; arty, classy, artistic, tongue-in-cheek; anything to make our key workers’ day a little brighter.”

Warren says nudists are able to hide their face to protect their identity.

If you’re feeling like pepping up a doctor or nurse, you can find more info here. You will need to sign a release form handing over all rights to your image and acknowledge that it could be downloaded and sent on to third parties.

Carry on, then.

Antonino Tati

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