Help the World Food Programme help those in dire need

The Covid-19 virus could trigger a global hunger pandemic that will devastate the world’s most vulnerable communities which are already hit by conflict and climate change. Millions more could be pushed to the brink of starvation.

The number of people facing acute hunger may nearly double, and if we’re unable to reach them, 300,000 people may die from hunger each day over the next three months.

Worse still is the realisation that each individual is a person – someone like you or me, who is loved and cherished.

This is where the United Nations World Food Programme steps in.

While it’s a difficult time for many folks right now, if you are able to help, a donation of $45.90 could buy an emergency food parcel that would feed a child for three months.

These next months are critical, and with your help the U.N. World Food Programme will do whatever it takes to deliver life-saving food to hungry children and their families.

Donate here.

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