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10 Beauty Must-Haves to Treat Yourself During the Remainder of Lockdown (ie: Getting Ready to Get Out There Again)

A lot of memes circulating about isolation have hit the nail on the head with regards to how “lazy” we’ve become since quarantine and lockdown began.

With no need to socialise, we’ve let our tastes in fashion go and have done away with many of our daily beauty routines – and rather comfortably so, we might add.

Unflattering selfies of unmade faces. Tracky dacks in lieu of dresses or jeans. Active wear without the activity. And home-made hair-colouring jobs that make Billie Eilish’s blue-rinse look positively posh. Heck, even Robert Pattinson recently took a selfie, complete with bed-head and rags on, allowing said photo to be plastered on the cover of the GQ.

Yep, the world’s gone into public image free-fall and we don’t need another video of Madonna laying naked in a bath to prove it.

However, now that our MPs are starting to loosen the stay-at-home restrictions – allowing us to go out to work and play more each day as the Covid curve continues to flatten – it’s time to rethink the way we look and feel.

But like the nervous kid who wants to stay in class during recess, this sudden allowance is setting off alarms for folks with excess pride and vanity.

Wardrobes are beginning to be rejigged, breakfast presentation is looking more kosher, and beauty regimes are being taken seriously again.

With that latter point in mind, Cream presents our 10 favourite beauty products for you to use at home while the professional salons ponder when they’ll be allowed to open shop.

For the record, all beauty salons in Australia have been instructed to remain closed (except for a handful for the purpose of retail sales) until the government’s Phase Three kicks in, which will be around mid-June.

So, again, keep these products in mind while DIY-ing your beauty regime. Also, because you’ll be working your magic from home, we’ve included a star-rating to show ease-of-application for each product.

Compiled by Lisa Andrews & Antonino Tati


↑ Medik8 Cream Cleanse

Start your home-based beauty routine with a good cleansing of the face. Medik8 make a velvety cleanser infused with shea butter and plant saponins to effortlessly sweep away make-up and impurities, leaving you with a refreshed complexion. The inclusion of natural glycerin helps nourish and hydrate the skin, while a touch of citrus leaves behind a subtle orange-scented blanket. Medik8 Cream Cleanse is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, and when used regularly it leaves the face feeling calmer and smoother. It’s safe to massage around the eyes, too, thanks to the removal of mandelic acid that you might otherwise find in competitive cleanser products.

Ease of application: ★★★★★

Available to purchase online at www.medik8.com.au, RRP $44.00, 175ml.


↑ Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

You’ve probably not been wearing makeup as much while isolating at home but in case you’ve decided to dip on down to the shops in eyeshadow and lippy, you can come home to this miracle makeup remover. Bioderma Sensibio H2O is a gentle fragrance-free micellar solution that cleanses impurities and removes make-up while respecting the skin’s natural balance. Thanks to the power of ultra-gentle micelles that solubilise in water and help capture fatty molecules (dirt, sebum, make-up), Sensibio cleanses and soothes even the most intolerant skin. Soap-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic. Oh, and you don’t have to rinse after applying, although we wish the manufacturers would have made the ‘pop-up’ lid a little friendlier to use when accessing the contents.

Ease of application: ★★★

Available online from outlets from www.priceline.com.au and www.adorebeauty.com.au, RRP $29.99, 500ml.


↑ Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream

While some scrubs can feel a little too rough on the skin, this is a non-granular exfoliator that deeply cleanses and smoothes, leaving skin looking radiant. It’s a homegrown natural formula that contains ground oats, almonds and honey to loosen and lift away dead skin cells, excess oil and bacteria. Dry, sensitive skins will feel comfy and fresh after just one use. Simply smooth on the luxe concoction and massage into skin in slow circular motions to loosen and sweep away the yukkiness. Also good for helping mend serious breakouts and inflammation without the burn.

Ease of application: ★★★★

Available online from www.jurlique.com, RRP $60.00, 100ml.


↑ Teoxane RHA Serum

Award-winning and Swiss-made, Teoxane products are fairly new on the Australian market, and after using them for two months and seeing brilliant results, we’ve wondered what’s taken them so long to reach our shores. Providing proper hydration, Teoxane’s RHA Serum contains an effective combination of antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients that help leave skin feeling softer and more supple. The RHA Serum also alleviates skin irritation – in fact I used it religiously after shaving each day (Antonino). After two weeks of use, skin feels smoother and more toned, while complexion is brighter. I’ve even done away with moisturiser since I already have oily enough skin (Lisa). The serum is easy to apply with its handy pump design although at times the nozzle does get sticky.

Ease of application: ★★★★1/2

Available to purchase online at www.teoxaneshop.com.au RRP $165.00, 30ml.


↑ La Mer The Eye Concentrate

Who doesn’t feel better after having applied a little of anything from luxury brand La Mer? Formulated with three times the concentrate of La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth™, this deeply conditioning cream helps to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles, surface discoloration and puffiness. After two weeks, improvement under the eyes was visible. After a month’s use even more so, along with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The area around the eyes appears softer, smoother and more luminous. And we always love a metal cooling applicator designed to sweep and subtly massage the product into skin for maximum results. Add a touch of lime tea concentrate and stay defended against environmental damage to boot.

Ease of application: ★★★★★

Available to purchase online at www.cremedelamer.com.au, RRP $315.00, 15ml.


↑ House of Immortelle Hydrating Rose Facial Mist

For a touch of floral freshness, a little spritz of this facial mist helps liven the spirits. Skin is left feeling refreshed and hydrated while your senses are genuinely uplifted. Suitable for all skin types and free from artificial fragrances and colours, leaving a natural scent of rose damascena. I’m usually one to stay away from floral ingredients since I occasionally get hay-fever from the pollen, but this product works well, even with my sensitivity (Antonino).

Ease of application: ★★★★1/2

Available to purchase online at www.houseofimmortelle.com.au, RRP $21.00, 100ml.


↑ Peter Thomas Roth Pro Strength Lactic Pore Treatment & Retinoid Peptide Serum

There’s something decidedly clinical about the look of Peter Thomas Roth products. And there’s definitely some chemistry going on within them green and brown glass bottles. Each pure, potent and targeted treatment is formulated with extra-strength ingredients to effectively address specific skin concerns. The Lactic Pore Treatment – containing 30% lactic acid complex – helps improve the look of pores and leaves the face looking clearer and radiant. Simply apply two to three pumps evenly to clean skin and sense the delightful tingling sensation for around two to three minutes. Rinse thoroughly to neutralise the treatment, and for best results use the magic potion twice a week at night.

Follow this cleanse with the Retinoid Peptide Serum which helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to expert-level concentrations of Granactive Retinoid (10%) and Hexapeptide Complex (5%). Apply via a glass dropper every other night to a cleansed face, gradually building to nightly use so as to avoid sudden irritation. If beauty is a science, Peter Thomas Roth is one of its leading professors.

Ease of application: ★★★★

Available to purchase online at www.sephora.com.au and other quality outlets, Peter Thomas Roth Pro Strength Lactic Pore Treatment RRP $145.00, 50ml and Retinoid Peptide Serum RRP $181.00, 30ml.


↑ The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

There’s nothing like a soothing face mask when you’re hunkered down at home, and it seems we’re all getting into a bit of covering up, according to Adore Beauty. The online retailer reported a 61.2% growth in face mask sales for the period of March 23 to April 23, 2020, and this number looks like growing as DIY beauty regimes become a common lockdown thing. Face masks provide an instant pick-me-up and with so many options – from gel and clay to peel-off and sheet varieties, we’ve had to think sharply about our favourite. Our top pick is The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask: a tingling clay mask that rests comfortably on the face and is super-effective at rejuvenating skin and tightening pores. With key ingredients of bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves, and tea tree oil, it’s 100 percent vegan, paraben-, paraffin- and silicone-free.

Ease of application: ★★★1/2

Available to purchase online at www.thebodyshop.com, RRP $35.00, 75ml.


↑ Mesoestetic Stem Cell Body Serum

Moving away from the face and turning attention to the body, there’s one product that does a whole lot more than just moisturise. Mesoestetic’s Stem Cell Body Serum firms up and progressively redefines the figure. The serum is a complete anti-ageing treatment helps increase body metabolism, stimulate cell regeneration, and tone tissues while its light texture enables optimal hydration. Skin is softer, smoother, firmer, and boasts better elasticity and tone. And, yes, it does make your ass and breasts look perkier when used daily in the longterm.

Ease of application: ★★★★

Available to purchase online at www.adorebeauty.com.au and other quality beauty retailers, RRP $120.00, 200ml.


↑ Jo Malone Lavender & Coriander Cologne

It’s always a difficult decision when choosing a fragrance from the house of Jo Malone London and doubly as exciting when a new limited-edition collection comes around. Offering a fresh perspective on an iconic ingredient this month, Jo Malone presents English lavender, and our pick has got to be Lavender & Coriander. It’s an aromatic fragrance nestled in a thriving herbal garden, bolstered by the striking note of coriander. Earthy sage deepens the lavender’s timeless scent, while creamy tonka bean adds an unexpected touch of warmth and sensual balance. One spritz of this and you’ll feel like you’re in the countryside: woody, cosy, pretty. For a zestier combination, mix with Lime Basil & Mandarin cologne. Yum.

Ease of application: ★★★★★

Available to purchase online at www.jomalone.com.au or at www.mecca.com.au, RRP $99.00, 30ml.


So there you have it: our favourite 10 products to help pamper yourself whilst stuck in lockdown / quarantine / isolation / or whatever else you’d like to call this challenging time. Oh, but before we go here’s a suggestion of a great book that’ll teach you how to enjoy face workouts while at home.

Press Here! by Nadira Persaud reveals dozens of pressure techniques to tone and define your face the natural way.

Through the power of touch and with focused breathing, these simple routines will help you feel less stressed, better energised and more invigorated.

Dubbed ‘Face workouts for beginners’, this nifty little book is the perfect accompaniment to treating yourself to beauty techniques using any of the aforementioned products.

Beauty on, then.

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    Thanks for the write up on products. Always like to know what’s out there 👍🏼



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