Magic potion: multi-molecular serum ‘ha densimatrix’ holds 1,000 times its weight in water

I turned 50 recently and so hosted a huge party at Mum’s place (she has a bigger backyard and kitchen, so it made sense). Prior to the party there was plenty to do: get the invitation designed and sent out, order catering and drinks, put décor and decorations in place, prep the music… in fact, the preparation went on for four weeks.

Aside from this busy-ness, I wanted to look good, goddammit, so I put my faith in a new product called ‘ha densimatrix’ by progressive skincare brand mesoestetic. It’s a multi-molecular hyaluronic concentrate that, in short, helps hydrates the skin and fill facial lines.

If ever there was a time that my skin needed a hydration boost, it was now after a heavy Covid-19 lockdown period and before my landmark birthday celebration.

It took those four exact weeks for my skin to look fuller, smoother, and, yes, younger. I actually received quite a few compliments on the night of the party, with friends saying that I. Looked. Younger. Than. Fifty. And that made me pretty happy.

But back to the magic product that helped boost this positive aesthetic.

‘Ha’ is an ingredient known for its its ability to attract moisture to the skin, and for its water-retention properties. In fact, ha densimatrix holds 1,000 times its weight in water – and that is a lot fitting into a compact vial of 30 ml (think 30 litres!).

I also read recently that using ha densimatrix replicates the effects of drinking 8 glasses of water so you get to avoid a pudgy stomach at night but not drinking so much H20 before bed.

In applying the serum nightly (or every other night if you have sensitive skin), I found my full face and neck were generously hydrated, resulting in a healthier glow and supple touch. And never oily.

If you want to know the real science behind it all, hyaluronic acid (ha) is a component of the “extracellular matrix” – the space between skin cells that conditions each cell’s status and functionality. The more ha, therefore, the better the skin’s elasticity.

It’s ultralight, too, and a little certainly goes a long way. Just four little drops can be massaged into the entire face and neck area.

Because of its light texture and balanced properties, ha densimatrix is compatible with any complementary treatments. For example, I would occasionally tie in my cleansing and peptide-boosting regime using Peter Thomas Roth products (this I did on occasion in between nights I’d use ha densimatrix). In combination, the treatments worked a treat – no irritation which I thought I might experience.

Coming out of winter and Covid-19 restrictions, like me, you’ve probably been subjected to air conditioning and indoor heating, paired with a lack of sunshine. This has likely drawn moisture from your skin and exacerbated dryness, if not irriation.

Do yourself and your skin a favour and invest a bottle of ha densimatrix. It’s now become an indispensable skincare staple for this party boy.

Antonino Tati


While the little bottle of ha densimatrix looks all clinical style, it’s dropper might possibly make you worry about too much or too little application. But applying it nightly or every other night is easy.

Simply cleanse and dry skin before applying 3-4 drops to the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck, and massage until completely absorbed.

If you’re familiar with the mesoestetic anti-ageing range, you may wish to tie into your routine the use of their Energy C intensive cream to restore luminosity to the skin, or Collagen 360 intensive cream to combat flaccidity.

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