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Eat an ice cream; save a koala: Streets pledges its commitment to protecting Aussie koalas

It’s as though ice cream manufacturer Streets are coming out with a new nommy Paddle Pop every other week.

In perfect conjunction with National Threatened Species Day – which is today – Paddle Pop have announced a new partnership with wildlife rescue organisation WIRES, all in support of koala conservation.

The brand has launched a new ice cream: a chocolate and caramel-flavoured Paddle Pop Koala Choc Caramel flavour, from which proceeds will go to WIRES to support a number of conservation projects such as the provision of koala rehabilitation facilities and a koala health hub, a source of koala health
expertise and support from Sydney University.

Streets’ commitment to helping protect this cuddly Australian species will run for two years.

Sydney Zoo, for example, will be showing its support for the partnership, selling the new Koala
Choc Caramel Paddle Pop onsite with 10% of sales being donated to WIRES throughout September and October.

Other zoos are expected to follow suit.

Too cute.

Lisa Andrews

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