Happy International Ice Cream Day! And why eating the good stuff in winter has its advantages

Did you know Australians have the third highest consumption of ice cream per capita in the world? In fact, we consume around 18 litres of ice cream per person annually, falling behind the U.S. and New Zealand (only just) as avid ice cream consumers.

Well, today is International Ice Cream Day, so we’ll let it slide if you consume a little more of the good creamy stuff, making it 18-litres-plus by year’s end.

Although we’re in the middle of Winter, ice cream is still popularly consumed. Great reasons to enjoy ice cream in winter include the fact that it doesn’t melt or drip so you have time to truly savour the experience.

Even if you add your favourite hot topping, you’ll still be able to take your time eating your ice cream, and it won’t end up in a liquid state within minutes of pouring on the hot fudge. 

There are also nutritional benefits from enjoying ice cream that can be useful to boosting your immune system during wintry months. Ice cream is packed with vitamin B which can be energising, plus it contains protein from milk – essential for tissue repair and cell growth. And we don’t need to tell you how good the calcium is for your bones.

Some, here’s to a food that is not only delicious-as but pretty good for you, too.

And Happy International Ice Cream Day!

Antonino Tati


The #1 ice cream in Australia is Streets’ Golden Gaytime. So much for an ice cream whose name caused a bit of controversy when it was first marketed widely! The Golden Gaytime launched in 1970 and the first Gaytime flavours were strawberry and vanilla. In the early days, there was no toffee flavour that we know and love today but now, the toffee flavour is what most people relate to when they think of a Golden Gaytime.

Bubble O’Bill got its name from the Old West figure Buffalo Bill. The gumball on the ice cream used to feature printed “Wild West” sayings, including “Go for your guns” and “It’s a hoe-down”. Along with Streets favourites, Golden Gaytime and Rainbow Paddle Pop, Bubble O’Bill is available in the Streets 1L range.

The chocolate tip on the bottom of the Cornetto was actually a manufacturing mistake! Everyone’s favourite part of the Cornetto was unintentional but consumers loved it, so the chocolate tip stayed.

The Paddle Pop Lion was created in Australia but got his name, Max, overseas in Europe. Paddle Pops can now be found in over 15 countries. The brand also proudly works with wildlife rescue organisation WIRES to help support koala protection and preservation across the country. Three key koala habitat regeneration projects include water coolers; Koala Health Hub – to ensure research and continued learning; and koala pop-up help stations for immediate relief in summer months.

Considering good old-fashioned ice cream in cones, it takes around 50 licks to finish one scoop of ice cream. Now, that’s some good exercise for your tongue muscles!

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