Introducing a great avenue for female and non-binary filmmakers to produce market-ready movies

Film lovers, and especially female and non-binary filmmakers, here is an exciting headsup!

Entries are now open for the second edition of For Film’s Sake’s feature film development lab, Attagirl.

Known for its ardent support of female and non-binary filmmaking teams, Attagirl helps navigate the development of narrative feature films in the digital age.

The lab itself is formally split into two stages – Stage One focusing on development of creative production skills and Stage Two focusing on selected teams producing market-ready feature film packages.

Following completion of Stage One, teams will be assessed by Attagirl Mentors with an uncapped number of “market-ready” projects invited to participate in Stage Two.

Films not invited to Stage Two will be eligible to apply for Stage Two within any future lab cycles. But don’t be confused; there’s information about applying at the site and you can take your time soaking that info in as well as apply through the site.

Applications are officially opened today.

Michael Mastess

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