Commercial study finds Dads are keener to keep a good home and spend more time with the kids

Despite recent social restrictions – which would make you think we’d all like to run for the hills at the first opportunity – a recent survey has found fathers are more interested in staying connected with their families than they are roaming the great outdoors.

The survey, which was funded and carried out by Bing Lee – dubbed ‘The Deserving Dads Report’ – offers unique insight into areas within the home, where dads are spending increased time during the current home-bound economy.

The study found, for example, that over 82% of Australian dads have made improvements and changes around the house since March 2020.

More interestingly, around 40% of respondents claimed to have completed more activities with their children, including home-schooling, playing boardgames, exercising, or taking part in sports.

It seems Covid-19 lockdown had a major influence on this change in scenery for men. Victoria, which currently has the strictest isolation measure, saw 92% of dads making improvements or changes due to increased time spent at home – more likely to do so than dads in NSW (81%) or QLD (78%).

Says TV personality and Bing Lee ambassador Sam Wood, himself a father of three children, “The last few months have made everyone realise how important it is to slow down and enjoy quality time with their families, and I’m no exception.

Most of us [have] less commitments outside of the home, allowing us to better ourselves for and with our families.”

Bing Lee, of course, have touted a bunch of ideal gifts for Father’s Day to suit domestic dads, from audio-visual appliances to tools of various trades, but we’ll leave that for you to research…

Antonino Tati

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