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Whistleblowers say Melbourne hotel security staff were having sex with travelers in supposed quarantine

According to whistleblowers, hotel guards in Melbourne have been having sexual liaisons with returned travelers whilst they were meant to be quarantining.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said he couldn’t confirm whether or not there had been contact “of an intimate nature” between guards and guests yet today several anonymous insiders have told the Herald Sun that guards were seen in close intimate contact with guests.

Indeed, security guards employed to monitor returning travellers have instead been monitored having sex with guests, according to insiders.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has gone on to say that what went down in the hotels “was an unacceptable set of breaches”.

On Wednesday, there were 73 new cases of Covid-19 announced in Victoria, 20 of which had no identified source, the highest number of community transmission in one day since the start of the coronavirus epidemic.

Overnight, 36 suburbs across 10 towns were placed into lockdown to stop the spread.

Premier Daniel Andrews admitted there were a “handful” of breaches among staff at the hotels, which he says may have led to the outbreaks.

Considering reports that guards had been given “five minutes” of hygiene training, and were given a single mask and pair of gloves to last entire shifts, it appears as no surprise the infections keep spreading throughout Melbourne city and the Victorian state.

Claims of sexual activity between Covid-isolated hotel guests and security staff of those hotels are being investigated by both police and government.

Michael Mastess


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