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Why you might find the logo on Trump’s new campaign t-shirt somewhat familiar…

Trump tee @2x

A new t-shirt promoting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been causing a stir with its symbols looking suspiciously like those of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Available in online stores, the t-shirt features an eagle with its wings spread, head facing to its left (your right), and feet tucked in, clutching a circle emblazoned with the US flag. A banner beneath reads ‘TRUMP 2020’ and ‘AMERICA FIRST’.

Not that it takes a history buff to notice but the eagle and circle combined strike an uncanny resemblance to the same sign that Hitler used to promote “Germany First” and the Nazi party. It’s a symbol that has since become a neo-Nazi logo, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The Nazi symbol of eagle and circle used under Hitler’s Nazi regime.

The garment met with immediate slamming on Twitter, including a reaction from US General Michael Hayden (a former director of the CIA), who simply tweeted: “Holy shit”.

This comes a day after Facebook ordered Trump’s campaigners to take down dozens of ads from the President’s re-election promotion, including 88 ads that featured an upside-down red triangle.

The Nazis used to sew upside-down triangles onto the clothes of prisoners in their concentration camps to categorise them – the red triangle denoting a political prisoner.

Antonino Tati


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