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Black Swan hones in on home audiences with a digital presentation of ‘Unsung Heroes’

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a production from the Black Swan State Theatre Company. Well, from any theatre company, really. A viral epidemic will do that.

Thankfully, producers and performing artists are finding alternative ways to express themselves and to entertain and educate the good public.

This month, Black Swan is launching its new digital platform, the ‘Black Swan Home Theatre’, a first initiative which allows the company to connect with its audience in fresh and exciting ways.

Distributed across Black Swan’s suite of digital channels, home audiences will discover video messages from actors, behind-the-scenes interviews with artists and creatives, backstage tours of workshops, plus the production of Unsung Heroes: A Digital Festival of Western Australian Stories.

While Black Swan has postponed its 2020 season until Oklahoma! this November – again, no thanks to the fallout of Covid-19 – lovers of theatre can tune in from their trusty digital device to experience Unsung Heroes: a collection of great solo performances celebrating everyday Western Australians who have done extraordinary things.

Following its digital presentation of ‘Unsung Heroes’ Black Swan returns to the stage with ‘Oklahoma!’ this November.

The performances tell stories of courage, life’s music, adventure, new beginnings and dignity, and are a timely reminder of our shared humanity and of WA locals’ identity.

The works have been written by West Australian playwrights Gita Bezard, Barbara Hostalek, Chris Isaacs, Hellie Turner and Mararo Wangai, with performances not being made available on demand.

It’s not the first time Black Swan have delved into the digital world to appease audiences. In April, it completed a month-long development of The Cherry Orchard over four states, presented through Zoom, and last month it live-streamed the much-loved Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.

Register at www.bsstc.com.au  to be part of the company’s next audience, its first main production being live-streamed and available on demand from July 21.

Antonino Tati


View the trailer for ‘Unsung Heroes’ here:




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