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Streets have packed Bubble O’Bill into a 1 litre tub… Yep!

How on earth did we manage without fusion junk food?

Why has it taken so long for someone to stick Bubble O’Bill ice cream into a generous-sized tub?

We’re not sure, but Streets have come to the rescue, releasing this week two new flavours in a tub: Bubble O’Bill ice cream and Paddle Pop Rainbow variety.

The Bubble O’Bill flavours still include strawberry, caramel and chocolate. We’re not sure if a ball of bubble gum is included, but careful if it is – you wouldn’t want to swallow that sucker. Suffice to say the packaging reveals lolly bits in there.

Paddle Pop tubs Streets cream magazine @2x

The Paddle Pop Rainbow flavour is, as ice cream buffs would know, packed mainly with caramel, despite its many shades.

Sure, it’s winter out but it’s never too cold to indulge in creamy, yummy gooeyness.

The 1-litre tubs are being delivered to IGA stores as I type and will also be found in Woolworths in eastern states from today and in stores across the country by mid-next week.

Get your orders in now.

Antonino Tati

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