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The Queen is creating her own brand of gin

What does a hoighty-toighty royal family do while stuck in lockdown? Perhaps not drink themselves silly like some bogan Aussie and Brits do, but at the very least concoct a clever new brand of bevvy.

Queen Elizabeth and Royal Family are – get this – launching their very own gin line.

The endeavour to create an in-house gin – its working title Buckingham Palace Gin – is a worthy one since all proceeds will go to charity… Sort of.

Proceeds from sales of the gin will benefit the Royal Trust Collection: a charity that is meant to upkeep the art collection kept in the royal family’s name, much of which is regularly on display to the public. Yes, it’s not the sort of charity you may have thought.

As for the product itself, the gin will be a 42% ABV spirit delivered in small batches, made from 12 botanicals that will be hand-picked from the backyard of Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace Gin will be sold through the Royal Trust Collection, and will only be available to ship to UK residents.

Note, this is not the first consumable product to come from the royal family. The Trust has its own line of supermarket branded items, including teas and teapots, jams, soaps and even chocolate chip cookies.

More ex-y than your average home-brand but, hey, if it’s good enough for Lizzy…

Antonino Tati

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