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David Attenborough takes the absolute mickey out of Donald Trump in mock nature video

Famous naturalist Sir David Attenborough has lent his voice to an anti-Trump campaign, taking the absolute mickey out of the US President and referring to him as “Impotus Americanus: one of the heaviest leaders in the animal kingdom notable for its exotic plumage” which “exploits its home territory”.

In the video, Trump is treated like one of Attenborough’s rare species of nature, but despite the fascination in the narrator’s intonation, every comment is of a negative slant.

“In its youth, the Trump was known to pursue females with other predators such as Molestus Epstein,” says the narrator over footage of Trump ogling young women alongside now-dead paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“The Trump is typically a ruddy orange colour not found in nature,” reads our favourite nature lover over unflattering scenes of Trump‘s Cheeto-hued face in closeup.

Basically, all bases are covered: Trump’s hideous aesthetic and lack of good grooming, his consistent corruption, his misogyny, and certainly his stupidity.

Attenborough has previously narrated anti-Trump videos in his dry, knowing style.

The irony is that the clip was produced by a group called ‘The Lincoln Party’ who are members of Trump’s own Republican party but who are working desperately to try and ensure Trump doesn’t get re-elected in November.

Expect more trolling in an ongoing campaign.
Antonino Tati

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