Rock icon Neil Young set to sue Donald Trump over unlawful use of his music at political rallies

Many an accusation has been thrown at Donald Trump – from his misogynistic behaviour towards women to him not paying his taxes. But few folks actually have the balls to pursue their fight against Trump’s transgressions… until now.

It looks like rock icon Neil Young is set to take Trump officially to court, this week announcing he will be suing the US president – although no official paperwork has been seen by the media.

Young said yesterday that he will be filing an official suit against Trump for improper and non-copyrighted use of his songs Rockin’ in the Free World and Devil’s Sidewalk at recent rallies. 

The pending lawsuit is the latest in a long battle between Young and Trump that dates back to June 2015, when Trump played the same song Rockin’ in the Free World immediately after announcing his intention to run for president.

Young expressed he was pissed off then, and again when Trump played the song at a 2018 rally (Guess what Donald Trump’s favourite song is, anyone?).

Young’s recent lawsuit states: “The Campaign does not now have, and did not at the time of the Tulsa rally, have a license or Plaintiff’s permission to play the two songs at any public political event.”

Young is seeking “statutory damages in the maximum amount allowed for willful copyright infringement.”

Antonino Tati

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