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Aussie accent considered very sexy in a recent study

The Australian accent has been somewhat of an oxymoron to folks overseas – kind of a cross between Paul Hogan’s ocker talk, Kath & Kim’s earnest drawls and Dame Edna’s dry delivery. Decades on, and it seems our mixed-up accent is now one of the ‘sexiest’ in the world.

A study by a group known as The Knowledge Academy has found the Australian accent is right up there with Italian, Spanish, Brazilian / Portuguese as one of the sexiest in the world.

The study discovered that 8 in 10 people find accents attractive in a potential partner. The Knowledge Academy surveyed 1,250 male and 1,250 female respondents, with multiple choice included in the questioning.

Of all accents featured, Scottish came in close to the top. Which appears to be a consistent thing for the Scots since we found in 2017 via a MissTravel.com study that Scottish came in second after British (and this was an American study!).

In the Knowledge Academy study, 86% of women find the Scottish accent sexiest, while 88% of men found Spanish the most irresistible accent on women. Men, however, do not fancy the Scottish accent much at all.

French was relatively even among the sexes with 61% of women fancying that accent, and 69% of men digging it.

Mexican was found to be somewhat appealing for both genders, but women found it the least irresistible accent (at 23%) compared to men (31%).

A soft Irish lilt placed second for women, making 77% of females swoon on a first date with an Irish guy, while the charming tone of Italians was voted the third sexiest accent on men with 68% of women collectively agreeing.

While the sexes couldn’t agree on what they find most attractive, they could agree the Aussie accent has some good vibrations. 72% of the men surveyed said they liked an Aussie accent in a woman while 35% of women said they liked it in a man.

See the full top ten for each sex, below.

Antonino Tati






Scottish 86% Spanish 88%
Irish 77% Brazilian Portuguese 76%
Italian 68% Australian 72%
French 61% French 69%
Spanish 56% American 62%
Brazilian Portuguese 48% Kiwi 54%
Queen’s English 47% Czech 47%
Australian 35% Italian 43%
South African 29% Mexican 31%
Mexican 23% Scottish 29%



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