‘Schitt’s Creek’ scoops the Emmys… and we’re wondering why it took five long years

They say laughter is the best medicine and during the past nine months of LOCK. DOWN. HELL. turning to our television sets for laughs has been the best therapy yet.

Even the Emmy Awards, which were on last night, focused a huge portion of its nominations and wins on series and films that made us laugh.

Schitt’s Creek became the first TV show in Emmy history – comedy or drama – to sweep seven honours including Outstanding Comedy Series, Lead Actor (Eugene Levy), Lead Actress (Catherine O’Hara), Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Daniel Levy), Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Annie Murphy), Best Writing (Daniel Levy), and Best Directing (Daniel Levy).

Insane, right? Not as insane as the show itself is – which sees a super-wealthy family suddenly down on its luck when the patriarch’s business goes bust and the four of them get stuck in a small town (literally up Schitt’s Creek) to discover life in the slow-lane is actually more bizarre than in the big city.

We first cottoned onto ‘Schitt’s Creek’ the week it hit Netflix. That was in January 2015. Why it’s taken so goddamn long for the series to attract the attention of award programs (and the public alike) is beyond us.

Schitt’s Creek has everything you could want in a TV series. It’s relatable in parts, and over-the-top elsewhere. It’s got humour, pathos, empathy and insanity. It’s genius in its real-family-writes-and-directs-and-acts-in-its-own-comedy format. And, well, it’s just frigging brilliant.

If you’ve not caught this series on the telly yet, you’re truly missing out on something remarkable. And if seven Emmy Awards in a row doesn’t convince you that it’s top viewing, well, nothing will.

Antonino Tati

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