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‘Netflix’ and ‘X-Hamster’ beat ‘Trump’ and ‘Coronavirus’ in Most Popular Online Searches for 2020 so far

If you searched online this week for “Google’s most searched words”, you’d have found ‘Facebook’, ‘Amazon’ and ‘YouTube’ in the top five, with ‘Google’ just scraping in – partly due to searches like the one you just did.

These big digital companies make it into global ‘most searched’ lists primarily because ignoramuses the world over don’t have the common sense to add a .com when wanting to log in to their social media pages, hence go looking for their web addresses via search engines.

The ‘Global Search Volume’ lists monthly average values calculated using common data of all locations supported by search engine tools.

Search aggregators collect data from all sources across the internet and puts this information into one giant spreadsheet. Some of these web-trawlers offer you the knowledge of what’s hot online at any given moment. Others do the nasty and sell this information to big businesses – but that’s another article for another time.

So, what have the top searches been for 2020 so far? Surely ‘covid’ would be in there somewhere? Maybe ‘Job Keeper’ or ‘Job Seeker’ for humble Aussie folk trying to cope financially in the midst of a pandemic?

Google usually releases its top searches at the end of each year, with results delivered by the first week of December, but information-collecting agencies such as ahrefs.com work year-round to provide spot checks of what’s trending online any time you want it, compiling its lists from a database of 9.9 billion keywords. The site shows US results up front but you can scroll down to get global results.

Even Google gives you access to its most searched topics on a day-by-day basis. Today, for example, ‘Aussie Broadband’ is at number one, followed by ‘Lokomotiv Plovdiv vs Tottenham’ (lots of soccer fans) at 2, ‘Tottenham’ on its own at 3, and ‘Powerball winner’ at 4.

But what about the biggest searches for all of 2020 so far?

This year, 15 of the top 20 searches on Google Australia have been in connection to Covid19. These include ‘coronavirus’, ‘pandemic’, ‘social distancing’, ‘panic buying’, ‘hand sanitiser’ and ‘furlough’. ‘Black Lives Matter’ makes it into the top 10, but not before ‘SARS’.

On a global scale, according to Ahrefs, ‘Trump’ sits at the comparatively humble position of 99, not as popular as ‘Groupon’ but beating dating site ‘Badoo’.

And in the US, specifically, Trump’s SEO rating is even lower. A random spot-check this week reveals the President’s name sits at a measly 55 on the most-searched list, beaten by ‘chaturbate’ (ie: when a person masturbates over a video of someone else masturbating while talking dirty, nestled at 53), ‘best buy’ (46), and ‘eBay’ (9).

Some sites – such as the aforementioned Ahrefs – remove NSFW searches (ie: Not Suitable For Work) from their lists so that what you see are only “clean” search queries, but you can bypass this to view what they call their raw, uncensored list – that is, where the real results are.

Here you’ll discover a list of searches rife with porn references. ‘Porn Hub’ comes in at number 4 with 86,250,000 searches, and follows ‘Facebook’ in the top spot (151,500,000 searches), ‘YouTube’ at number 2 (142,200,000) and ‘Amazon’ at 3 (87,440,000).

In such lists you’ll see the likes of ‘XXX’, ‘xVideos’, ‘X-Hamster’ and ‘XXNX’ floating freely between ‘Google Maps’, ‘Target’, ‘Ikea’ and ‘today’s weather’.

So, does this mean the majority of people searching online are infatuated with porn? That everyday folks might be subjected to so much boring news about Trump, coronavirus and political protests during the daytime, it leads to frequent escapades at night into virtual worlds of fleshlights, flash trannies, bukkake and hentai?

They say statistics don’t lie, and when ‘xVideos’ (number 16 this week) beats ‘Netflix’ (18), and while Instagram is sitting at a humble 34, it makes you wonder what the heck must be going on, on the real dark web.
Antonino Tati


facebook 151,500,000
youtube 142,200,000
amazon 87,440,000
pornhub 86,250,000
gmail 71,240,000
google 63,840,000
weather 43,400,000
ebay 41,010,000
yahoo 39,170,000
xnxx 33,570,000

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