Turn your room-misting experience into a li’l laid-back disco

In name alone, the Aromamist Ultrasonic sounds a heck of a lot different to those hippy-looking wooden diffusers we’re used to seeing. It not only makes for a refreshing room deoderiser and is helpful to healthier breathing, but it looks something Doctor Who might have picked up from some kooky interplanetary location.

With its everchanging LED lighting and the option for standalone colour, this diffuser is a great conversation piece.

Available through the trusty crew at Buckley and Phillips Aromatics, the Ultrasonic is ideal for use with essential or fragrant oils. And how it works is real easy. All you need is half a cup of water and some lovely essential oil.

Push the ‘light’ button and then the mist button and you’ll see it instantly disperses cool mist vapour into the air. The spurts of mist are sparsed at 30 second intervals but you can always switch the mist off and just keep the light on for ambience.

Should you fall asleep amid all that dreamy fragrance, there’s no need to worry for there’s an automatic shut-off switch once the water reaches a certain low level.

Just a couple of drops of Gumleaf Essentials Oils and you’ll have a fragrant room in no time.

Unlike other more ‘analogue’ mist providers, the Aromamist Ultrasonic offers immediate relief with no need for the little machine to warm up.

So, that’s three good reasons to invest in one of these brilliant babies: (01) it looks good and lights up any room like a mini laidback disco; (02) it’s mist is consistent and non-invasive yet reaches the noise lightly where it counts; and (03) it looks after the safety issues for you.

A snip at under $80, really.

Antonino Tati


The Aromamist Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser is available from quality outlets, RRP $79.95.



The best oils for sleep are Lavender combined with something like Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Marjoram, or Clary Sage. Gumleaf Essentials also have a Sleep Soundly blend that incorporates most of the aforementioned oils.

// Easy Breathe helps with clearer breathing, containing Eucalyptus Blue Mallee; it also helps clear sinuses, combat tiredness, and refresh and improve concentration.

// Lavender French displays anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and can relieve headaches.

// Scotch Pine can work as a decongestant and can ease hay fever symptoms.

// And trusty Peppermint can also work as a decongestant while helping alleviate coughs and to clear sinuses.


Gumleaf Essentials pure essential oils start at $14.95 a bottle.

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