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High school grad Aubrey Basuki wins this year’s ‘Pulse Perspectives’ People’s Choice Award

We love the bold postmodern work of Aubrey Basuki – who has been announced as this year’s winner of the Pulse Perspectives People’s Choice Award for her work Then and now, now and then.

The epic pic, above, crosses cultural aesthetics and cliches and even hints at chaos and crime. Make of it what you will but we do love the clashing of comical and serious.

Aubrey’s is just one of the works featured in the Pulse Perspectives exhibition, one which is a narrowed down selection of works by Year 12 graduates invited to present their perspectives on the themes Act-Belong-Commit.

Chosen works span a variety of subject matter and media, ranging from painting and drawing to sculpture, digital moving image, photography and textiles, while prominent themes include human impact on the environment, consumerism, identity and family.

For more information about the exhibition, visit www.artgallery.wa.gov.au.

Lisa Andrews

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