Yello Festival in Perth sure to see Spring peak with fine food and entertainment

As Spring springs into full blown mode, so too does the Yello Festival take off in Perth.

Yello Festival 2020 will be a ten-day sensory adventure that’ll heighten the taste buds and brighten the soul, kicking off from 5pm, October 5, 2020, at the State Buildings in Perth CBD.

There’ll be live sets from  Perth jazz/pop band, Wilson’s Racket, and a sampling of what will be on offer throughout the festival week.

So why celebrate in this heritage-listed part of Perth?

Over the course of 140 years, the State Buildings in Perth have been adopted for use as public offices, police court, treasury, premier’s office, even a cellblock. Currently, they play host to all manner of city businesses, with plenty of wining and dining, too.

Fascinating architecture, artisan foods and great artistry all come together as the State Buildings get overtaken by the ‘Yello Festival’.

At Yello, guests can get a taste of new and classic beverages from crafty locals to international greats.

The program is peppered with excellent one-off events such as ‘Art Song Dinner’ being held at the Como Treasury to mark the beginning of Kambarang – the season of birth and abundance. This alluring rooftop space provides the perfect destination for an unforgettable evening of sensory experience, celebrating some of our most talented Western Australian food creatives.

It’s all happening at The State Buildings, located in the historic heart of Perth CBD.

Visit for the full program.

Antonino Tati


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