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Bernie Dieter returns to Perth to present more gin-soaked debauchery in ‘Berlin Underground’

Bernie Dieter is just about every positive adjective you could throw at an artist: artistic, gorgeous, fabulous, salacious, seductive, ironic, enthusiastic, humble, hilarious, hospitable and a whole lot more.

She is the mastermind (or mistress-mind, if you will) behind Little Death Club, the long-running show that sees classic ‘Weimer’-style cabaret mixed in with modern, funny-as-hell humour.

Since Covid-19 lockdowns, Bernie and her band of misfits have kept busy rehearsing their next show: the hilarious boundary-pushing event, Bernie Dieter’s Berlin Underground. 

Bernie will bringing the show to a pop-up cabaret club at Crown Perth for a new season running through November and December 2020.

Bernie and her band of misfits have taken over an abandoned nightclub hidden in the depths of Crown and are transforming it into the ultimate modern kabarett club where all punks, freaks and weirdos can come out to play. Be transported into Bernie’s dark and defiant den of iniquity, more immersive, more debauched, and more outrageous than ever before.

The stellar cast will include gender-bending aerial marvel Jarred Dewey, debauched drag sensation Scarlet Adams, whisky-swilling Cirque du Solei star Reuben Dot Dot Dot, hula hooping vixen Lisa Lottie (of La Soiree fame), and firecracker of a pole-dance champion Ruby Lai.

Beneath the red lights and a thick haze, a Weimar punk soundtrack pulses from the haus band, making way for a lushed-up Bernie who begins surveyeing the club for her prey.  Nothing is off limits and no seat is safe, so grab a shot of something strong and enter the darkest, funniest, and most debauched club this side of Berlin.

Antonino Tati

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