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Domino’s spooks things up with its ‘Halloween Roulette Pizza’ featuring ghost chilli hidden in one random slice per pizza

Domino’s is getting into the Halloween spirit by introducing a kooky (and rather spooky) new concept in its pizza deliveries for this week only.

With your permission, Domino’s will spike one slice of your pizza with flaming hot ghost pepper chillies, effectively turning your order into a a game of munchies roulette.

This one random slice will be packed with the extreme heat of the yellow bhut jolokia chilli – one of the hottest chillies in the world and 200 times spicier than the average jalapeno pepper.

But before you go rushing out and ordering your roulette pizza, keep in mind that in India – where the ghost pepper chilli originated – the military uses the pepper as a main ingredient in smoke bombs. Intense, yes.

Still, it’s sure to make for much fun and games on fast food night.

Antonino Tati

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