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KitKat gets eco-conscious, asks chocky lovers to ‘give the planet a break’ in new packaging

KitKat has turned eco-conscious in its latest packaging, asking chocolate lovers to ‘give the planet a break’ while providing literal instructions on how to recycle confectionery wrapping. Because some people seriously don’t know that chocolate wrappers are actually recyclable.

The usual artwork on the KitKat wrapper has been replaced with an image of three bent KitKat bars cleverly combined into the shape of the ‘recycle’ triangle logo.

In conjunction with REDcycle, KitKat is hoping that more chocky consumers do the right thing and dispose of their KitKat wrappers in the right recycle bin. REDcycle bins for confectionary packaging and other soft plastics to be dropped into can be found near the checkout sections of Woolworths and Coles.

And here’s a fun eco-friendly fact: soft plastics can be turned into useful items like park benches and playground rides – making that break you take an even more enjoyable one.

Antonino Tati

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