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Following Melbourne’s ease-from-lockdown announcements, another round of Mashd N Kutcher’s ‘Get On The Beers’ is going viral

With Melbourne’s lockdown laws all but fully eased, and pubs and other venues flinging open their doors for the first time in months, it’s no surprise Mashd N Kutcher‘s electro ditty Get On The Beers is doing the rounds again online.

The Brisbane-based duo went decidedly bedroom boffin during lockdown, resorting to TV news sampling as a primary resource. One fleeting comment by Victorian Premier Dan Andrews about getting “on the beers” was cleverly laced into a dance track, proving the perfect fodder for trash-hungry TikTokkers and YouTube trawlers.

In a matter of months, various versions of M&K’s Get On The Beers have notched over 7 million views online (3 million for the original mix alone). Versions include a ‘Mask’ mix, a ‘Slab Or Two’ remix, ‘ and the more recent ‘Zero Cases’ remix – that incorporates a comment from Andrews given on Monday, where he says, “I don’t know that I’ll be drinking a beer tonight, I might go a little higher up the shelf.” (One for the clubs when they open, for sure).


For some strange reason, or maybe no reason at all, the lads have included samples from Donald Trump’s press conferences in some of the mixes, these working less like ‘imported craft’ in the experiment and more the level of ‘Duh’-like daftness. Still, the dumb-fuck soundbites work a treat once you’ve downed a few pints yourself.

In the name of celebrating the recently announced freedoms of our Melbournian mates, we say rip open a slab, slap on any version of M&K’s Beers, and make the most of being allowed out, people!

And to Dan Andrews’ new-found fame among the cool electro kids, we say cheers, big ears.

Antonino Tati


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