Little Giant Wines doing big things for adorable little wombats…

What makes a good wine taste even better? When the winemakers behind it work toward a good cause, like helping to save Australian wildlife.

The good folk behind South Australian winemaking group, Fourth Wave Wine, are collaborating with wildlife rescue organisation WIRES to help rescue wombats facing threats from habitat, loss, disease and vehicle collisions.

Part proceeds from sales of their Little Giant wines will go towards helping WIRES who then help thousands of wombats that have suffered from bushfires, skin infections, vehicle collisions and other causes of injury.

“Just like the wombat, Little Giant Wine appears small and unassuming but is full of character,” says Ross Marshall, GM of the Fourth Wave Wine group. “It is therefore fitting for us to offer our support to WIRES to help these magnificent native creatures survive, grow and thrive.”

And that leaves a good taste in our mouths.

But back to the actual wine itself for a moment… Little Giant Wine is predominantly crafted from premium fruit grown in vineyards across the Barossa and Eden Valleys, McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills. Which is a lot of good land to get the best grape pickings!

The wines are hand-crafted and made with minimal additions and preservatives so as to retain the authentic, bright, character-filled flavours of the grapes – all picked early in the morning so as to retain freshness.

“Little Giant Shiraz has achieved almost cult-like status,” tells Marshall. “Customers love it for its generosity of rich fruit flavours, and for its softness and drinkability.”

We put a bottle of Barossa Shiraz to the test and found it to be more uplifting than your average black grape and, yes, most definitely, blissfully, continually drinkable. We especially love the hints of plum, red licorice, and chocky and mocha characters.

Keep the good stuff coming, we say, and big thanks Little Giant for helping to save those adorable little wombats!

Antonino Tati


Little Giant Barossa Shiraz is available from major liquor retailers nationally, RRP $22.00. The range also includes Little Giant: Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris, $22.00; Pinot Noir, $22.00; Coonawarra Cabernet, McLaren Vale Grenache, and Premium Barossa Shiraz, $32.00.

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