Biden beating Trump by about… well let’s just say Biden is very close to beating the bloated buffoon

At the time of writing (8am, Perth time), Democratic challenger Joe Biden was beating Donald Trump in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, which – if he ultimately wins – would see Biden become the new U.S. President.

But while Biden is ahead in the game, Trump says he “will never give up” and continues to carry on like the spoilt kid in class who insists the short straw he pulled is actually the longest when everyone in the room knows he’s either blind or a rampant idiot.

Trump has been so adamant on fighting Biden with harsh words at every turn, his ‘Team Trump’ on Twitter are asking folks to ‘Help Stop Voter Suppression, Irregularities And Fraud’, while on Trump’s personal account, the idiot-that-is is insisting his voting leads are “miraculously disappearing” and continues to threaten legal action.

Everyone, of course, is waiting to see the reaction on Trump’s face when the announcement is finally made that he has lost this election. That might have to be the photograph to sum up 2020 (think of all the Covid memes you could turn that into).

But will we have to wait long to see if Trump loses? Not really, since Pennsylvania remains the state to watch, and Biden is only a few votes away from reaching the magic number of 270, sitting at 264 at time of writing while Trump is on 214.

If Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania, he wins the presidency.

And despite Donald Trump’s claims that he will contest the election result if he is to lose, law enforcement has confirmed he will be kicked out of the White House after losing whether he likes it or not, while Joe Biden’s attorneys have already moved to counter Trump’s legal challenges on everything from expanding mail-in voting to alleged voter fraud.


Antonino Tati


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