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Sex on Celluloid: Actors Who’ve Lasted the Longest On-Screen

Sex looks so perfectly executed from the audience’s perspective, watching it on the silver screen. Actors and actresses getting it just right and never appearing to miss the mark (unless it’s in a film that’s more comedy than romance, ie: an OTT rom-com like Something About Mary).

But which actors and actresses are ‘doing it’ the longest when you add up their sex scenes on-screen?

The folks at tech marketplace OnBuy.com wanted to see just how long our beloved actors and actresses lasted in those moments of heated sex, using IMDb’s Best Rom-Coms and Romance Movies list as its sole reference.

In first place was Justin Timberlake whose libido peak lasts 341 seconds on-screen, delivering hip-thrusting movements that add up to five minutes and 41 seconds in the rom-com flick Friends With Benefits. This was Timberlake’s only film in the IMDb list.

Jake Gyllenhaal comes in at second place with 157 seconds of lovemaking in the movies on the list. In fact, Gyllenhaal racks up two minutes and 37 seconds combined from his pumping efforts in Brokeback Mountain (with Heath Ledger) and Love & Other Drugs (with Anne Hathaway).

In third place is Matthew McConaughey, lasting 106 seconds on-screen. The one minute and 46 seconds McConaughey rolls around in both Fools Gold and How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days with leading-female Kate Hudson. 

The bottom three spots in the list compiled from IMDb’s selection go to Ashton Kutcher with 31 seconds, Mathieu Kassovitz with 7 seconds, and poor Michael Cera with a paltry 6 seconds.

So far as Hollywood’s longest lasting female Casanovas go on-screen, at number one is Mila Kunis with 341 seconds of on-screen lovemaking. Alongside her male-lead in Friends With Benefits (Justin Timberlake), Mila thrusts her hips for a total of five minutes and 41 seconds.

Now, I’ve not seen this film in full, and I’m kind of glad I haven’t.

Anne Hathaway comes in second place with 121 seconds of movie romping. The American actress racks up two minutes and one second in her leading role in the tear-jerking Love & Other Drugs.

In third place is Katherine Heigl lasting 118 seconds with her combined efforts in The Ugly Truth and Life as We Know It.

The ugly truth is that sex is not without its faux pas and major fuck-ups. It’s never a easy as it looks on-screen. And certainly never as uninterrupted.

Remember, that a lot of editing is done before we see the final cut in a Hollywood film. And sometimes – just sometimes – it’s not even Timberlake’s butt you’re looking at but that of a stand-in.

Which we bet Michael Douglas wish he’d had when shooting that sad ‘saggy’ scene in Basic Instinct.

Lisa Andrews


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