Madonna mistakenly trends online after daft peeps assume she had died


Madonna has been trending on social media the past 24 hours after people fools figured she had died – and all because some lazy websters mistakenly got her name mixed up with that of famous footballer Diego Maradona, who passed away yesterday. Duh.

News broke yesterday morning that Maradona had died of a heart attack, and Twitter lit up with RIP and vale messages – only they weren’t all for the football star.

Some peeps mistakenly thought they were reading that Madonna had died and before you knew it, big M’s name was overshadowing that of Maradona in the grief stakes.

Strangely enough, yesterday morning I woke up from a dream that Madonna had committed suicide. No idea where it came from but perhaps it was a premonition of the confusion I’d go on to read about.


So… for the record: Maradona – the Argentine soccer player who was once king of the big league – passed away, and football fans can continue to vale. Madonna – the American pop star who tries desperately to remain queen of pop – is alive and well.

And probably quite happy she’s gotten a the extra publicity – no matter the sad circumstances.

Antonino Tati

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