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These are the most popular Australian baby names… and their potential professions as adults

Picking a name for your child is one of the most exciting experiences a parent can have. It’s something that will be stuck with your child for the rest of their lives. The word they probably hear the most of, just after ‘Hi’ and ‘yes’.

But could the name you pick affect your offspring’s job opportunities and potential earnings?

In a bid to discover which popular baby names are the most valuable and which sector they’re most likely to work in, Compare.bet found the most common Australian names and asked 7,230 people with those monikers to disclose their profession and salary.

The results are interesting, to say the least.

‘Ella’ turned out to be the most ‘valuable’ girl’s name, earning an average salary of $112,174 and often found in a cosy work role such as ‘Creative Director’.

Also in the top for girls, albeit earning just under six figures, are ‘Sophie’ (many working in Marketing), ‘Scarlet’ (quite a few in Audio Production), ‘Maya’ (Media Buyer), and ‘Sophia’ (yes, a little different to ‘Sophie’ and ‘Sophia’s tend to work in Nutrition.

Earning $107,386 in Finance, ‘Elijah’ turns out to be the most valuable boy’s name.

‘Kaiden’ (or ‘Cayden’) tends to earn around 99k, also with numbers – in Accounting. ‘Levi’ is a popular name in the field of Research, ‘Lucas’ (or ‘Lukas’) comes in fourth for the boys and tends to specialise in Social Media, and ‘Liam’ rounds out the lads’ top 5, working in Medicine.

If you’re thinking you’d rather see your kid grow up to earn his living via a trade, then best you give him a name like ‘Jack’ or even ‘Oliver’.

Now, I’m not too sure where Compare.bet did their research – that is, which businesses or regions in Australia they targeted survey respondents – but I’m guessing it wasn’t in regional areas such as the Outback or on mining fields. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure the list would have been jammed with Thommos, Bazzas and Shazzas.

That said, there does appear to be a suspiciously high amount of traditional Jewish names in the list, which are rounded out with a lot of Hannahs, Mias, Alexanders, and  Noahs.

Interestingly, not a lot of modern-day ‘hipster’ names made it on the decent salary lists, with the likes of Aubrey, Bryn, Isla or Insta certainly not making the grade. Those names might do better on social media…

For the full list of ‘valuable’ names and what jobs keep the moolah coming in, see below.

Antonino Tati


Girl’s  Names Most Common Profession  Average Annual Earning ($AUD)
Ella Creative Director $112,174
Sophie, Sophy Marketing $99,611
Scarlett Audio Production $94,224
Maya Buyer $89,358
Sophia, Sofia Nutritionist $80,091
Ava Doctor $74,450
Isabella Pharmacist $74,291
Charlotte Nurse $73,000
Emily Advertising $70,000
Hannah Office Coordinator $65,546
Eliana, Elyana Communication Officer $58,532
Lilly, Lili, Lilli, Lily, Lillie Photographer $54,533
Malia, Mahlia, Maliah, Maliya, Maliyah, Malya Retail Assistant $54,142
Evelyn, Evelin Journalist $49,500
Mia Receptionist $45,196
Boy’s Names  Most Common Profession  Average Annual Earning ($AUD)
Elijah, Eliah, Elija Financial Advisor $107,386
Kaiden, Cayden Accountant  $99,712
Levi, Levie, Lévi Researcher  $81,268
Lucas, Lukas Social Media Specialist  $78,564 
Liam Doctor  $78,500
Oscar, Oskar Creative Producer  $76,296 
Alexander, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Alexandar Plumbers $72,500 
Oliver Mechanic  $71,797 
Alby Teacher  $67,500
Finn, Fin, Fyn, Fynn Office Coordinator $66,678
Elyas, Elias, Eliyas, Ellias, Élyas, Elías Sales $63,157
Thomas Retail Assistant $56,172
Noah Journalist $51,500
Jack Video Production  $46,243
Matéo, Mateo, Mathéo, Matthéo, Mattéo Writer  $40,741

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