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What’s this, could the good old-fashioned beer stubbie be making a comeback? 

You could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the countless options of craft beer currently available at pubs and clubs.

Where once upon a time, it was a choice of either VB or Emu on tap (the most difficult decision being whether you wanted a middie or a schooner), today our bar-tops are lined with tens of craft beer options.

Should you drink a local drop or a famous international brew? Do you want something with extra hops? Less malt? Something fermented with fish, perhaps? God knows what other over-the-top questions go through the minds of serious beer aficionados.

Personally, we like to keep things simple. Crafty, yes, but not too wanky that it takes the fun out of an event such as social drinking which is supposed to be less about effort and more about relaxation.

Which is why we think it’s kind of nice that one beer brand has reintroduced the good old-fashioned stubbie.

Inspired by the days when shorts were short and mullets were long, new Stubbie Beer looks and tastes how an Australian beer used to: smooth, balanced and stubbornly refreshing.

Brewed for Pinnacle Drinks by the award-winning Gage Roads Brew Co. in Western Australia – with homegrown hops and malt – for the hipster die-hards out there – Stubbie is a rather nice tasting beer that makes a ripper thirst quencher. 

Something easy to ask for over the bar at the next Chrissy party or barbeque. And your grand-dad will be real proud, too.

Antonino Tati


Stubbie Beer is available exclusively from Dan Murphy’s and BWS, RRP: $56.00 for a 24 case; $18.00 for a 6-pack; or $4.00 each.  For further information, visit www.danmurphys.com.au or www.bws.com.au.

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