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Why Greta Thunberg’s bitch-rant with NZ PM Jacinda Ardern hinders the climate cause

There’s a proverbial halo that sits on the head of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. We the people put it there. We put it there because she is a nice woman with a kind heart who appears to make positive policy her primary concern, putting commercial gain second, and keeping the people of her country at peace while a lot of scary shit goes on around them.

Now, climate activist Greta Thunberg appears to want to rip that halo off.

I was in the kitchen putting veggie scraps aside for the garden when I heard news last night that Thunberg was having a war of the words with Ardern.

Greta supposedly scoffed at the prime minister’s tweet that New Zealand was in a ‘climate emergency’, telling the MP her announcement, or at least New Zealand’s contribution to climate solution so far, was “nothing unique to any nation”.


Ardern responded that the announcement was just the beginning of things being planned in New Zealand to help stop climate change. And you have to believe her with that optimistic reputation.

Still, Thunberg insisted that “reducing less than 1 per cent of the country’s emissions by 2025” was nothing major. Whether Thunberg thought a 1% reduction was the only emissions-cutting action New Zealand was taking, we’re not sure, but her negative response to this announcement, and any negative responses she gives world leaders, certainly isn’t going to help the climate cause.

A little criticism here and there might keep our world leaders on their toes, but public outbursts might embarrass them and sway them to stay away from the eco spotlight.

Instead of coming across like a precocious kid with her ‘I-said-it-first” type rants, Thunberg should be acting more like a reputable teacher, praising world leaders for their climate initiatives – however minimal these might be – instead of chastising them.

I know if I was in charge of a nation and wanted to begin tackling environmental issues, I’d be piss-scared of any small action I take in case Thunberg was to get on her horn and blow insults at me. And for what? Trying to do good.

And there’s another thing about Thunberg’s horn-blowing. It seems that lately that’s all she does. When are we actually going to see her sit down and design a miraculous invention that sees renewable resources make fossil fuels redundant? When are we going to see her perform on stage like many of our singing icons do, to at least raise funds for climate causes? When have we ever seen her on Instagram do something interesting with an avocado pit or carrot scraps?

I know she’s given up meat and have been told she’s sacrificed air travel to help lower her carbon footprint, but she can continue setting such good examples instead of bitch-ranting.

When she shows a little more action over her initiation with words, that’s when I think she can begin playing headmaster.

Antonino Tati

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