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Pop culture, religion and folklore collide in the new season collection by Mauricio Alpizar

History, art, pop culture and fashion come together in a stunning new collection by Costa Rican-born, Perth-based designer Mauricio Alpizar.

Mauricio recently launched his ‘Beautiful World’ collection for Summer ’20/’21 in the spectacular surrounds of WED Style’s showroom in Bayswater, Perth – a space befitting for a range of clothing that has flamboyancy as its central theme.

Floral prints, religious imagery, folklore symbolism and surreal representations vie for your attention on fabrics as free-flowing as some of the aforementioned concepts.

Each piece is perfectly suited for poolside, beachside, as party wear or resort wear – that is if you’re lucky enough to get to a resort this season. As for parties, well, there are plenty of those scheduled in these holidays, following a year of unwanted lockdowns.

Cream took its trusty camera along to the WED Style pop-up runway and, boy, were we impressed; not only with the immensity of the collection (the sheer number of pieces will blow you away) but of the absolute intricacy and boldness of each and every design.

Heck, the designer even managed to sneak the occasional flamboyant face mask in there to pay tribute to the year that was.

Photography by Antonino Tati



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Like what you see? Go crazy at www.mauricioalpizar.com.au.




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