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Grammy Awards postponed to a later date due to Covid concerns

The 2021 Grammys are being postponed indefinitely over concerns about the spread of Covid-19.

The event, which was originally scheduled for January 31st, is now being planned for Sunday 14 March.

Organisers issued a statement last night, citing “thoughtful conversations with health experts, our host and the artists scheduled to appear”, that the delay is better for all concerned.

“The deteriorating Covid situation in Los Angeles, with hospital services being overwhelmed, ICUs having reached capacity, and new guidance from state and local governments have all led us to conclude that postponing our show was the right thing to do,” read the statement.

“Nothing is more important than the health and safety of those in our music community and the hundreds of people who work tirelessly on producing the show. We want to thank all of the talented artists, the staff, our vendors and especially this year’s nominees for their understanding, patience and willingness to work with us as we navigate these unprecedented times.”

The Grammys had already planned on a limited show for 2021, one that would not feature a live audience, with only presenters and performers on-site during the show.

Nominated artists wouldn’t have been allowed on stage, either likely leading to a situation similar to the 2020 Emmys where nominees appeared remotely, and Australia’s ARIA Awards which were also run remotely.

More news as it comes to hand.

Antonino Tati

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