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Happy Birthday, David Bowie; check out the long list of acts that’ll pay tribute to the icon online this weekend

Today is David Bowie’s birthday. He would have been 74 should he still have been around. But Bowie’s spirit will forever linger, and around this time of year artists across the globe come together to pay tribute to one of music’s greatest icons.

One such event is A Bowie Celebration, which this year will be streamed due to Covid isolation across the globe.

Now, while streaming concerts online can often be a bit dismal; not very exciting to watch some dude play acoustic guitar via Zoom, A Bowie Celebration promises to be something altogether different.

This will not be a short gig, and certainly won’t be a simple series of rectangular, boring, unimaginative Zoom feeds.

Three hours of Bowie’s best music will be performed by a long list of impressive artists including Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Duran Duran, Yungblud, Peter Frampton, Adam Lambert, Boy George, Dave Navarro, Macy Gray, Perry Farrell, and so many more.

There’ll be some surprise artists involved, too, like Michael C. Hall of Dexter fame, and Taylor Momsem of Gossip Girl.

Performances will be interspersed with awesome visuals – “memories” to provide added Bowie magic.

The whole shebang will only be streamed for 24 hours, so go on, book your viewing tickets through rollinglivestudios.com/bowie and we could be heroes, just for one day.

Antonino Tati

Streaming times for A Bowie Celebration are as follows:

Perth and Singapore from Jan 9 at 10am – Jan 10 at 10am

Honolulu from Jan 8 at 4pm – Jan 9 at 4pm

Los Angeles and Vancouver from Jan 8 at 6pm – Jan 9 at 6pm

Chicago and Mexico City from Jan 8 at 8pm – Jan 9 at 8pm

New York City and Toronto from Jan 8 at 9pm – Jan 9 at 9pm

London, Lisbon, and Reykjavik from Jan 9 at 2am – Jan 10 at 2am

Rome, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid from Jan 9 at 3am – Jan 10 at 3am


Book your viewing ticket at http://rollinglivestudios.com/bowie/.

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