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The Chaser Annual is the tidiest medium to sum up a messy 2020

Featuring a disheveled Donald Trump on the cover drinking from a bottle of bleach (Kills 99.99% Germs!) and with cover lines pointing to coronavirus, panic buying, dodgy politicians, and an indebted economy, no stone is left unturned.

The Chaser have been getting away with political murder for near two-and-a-half decades now, and they’re as entertaining to read as they are to watch on the telly.

With headlines like “‘Social Media should not fact-check posts’ says child molester Mark Zuckerberg” and “China threatens to stop buying Australian politicians”, the politically-charged group appear more brazen than ever – and this in a time when fake news fights for column space with true stories so over-the-top, we often question their credibility.

The Annual is a special collector’s edition of The Chaser’s quarterly publication, and will be enjoyed by anyone who is tired of the hype that is constantly drip-fed to us by traditional media.

Indeed, The Chaser might be guilty of extrapolating eleven-fold on quotes by world leaders and figure-heads, but even then there appears to be more credibility in the Chaser version than traditional media’s take.

There’s colorful editorial on the ScoMo’s slack response to the Australian bushfires alongside his wishy-washy suggestions in response to the Covid pandemic, many a mention of ‘Karen’ who proved to be the suburban star of 2020, much mockery of the media at large, and critique on the civil unrest in America. And that’s just ‘The Chaser’ side.

Once again, when it comes to causing a ruckus, the Chaser lads know how to create a real cacophony – and us cultural disrupters can’t get enough of the chaos.

Antonino Tati & Michael Mastess

‘The Chaser Annual 2020’ is available in newsagents and quality bookstores, RRP $29.95. The publication is also available to buy from The Chaser Shop.

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