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Jamiroquai makes it clear: he is not the Trump fanatic dressed in Viking headgear

Jay Kay, British lead singer of electro outfit Jamiroquai, who used to have a logo of himself dressed in Viking headgear (stay with us), has addressed the dude who recently ravaged Capitol Hill in similar hat and horns.

“Good Morning Washington,” wrote Kay on Twitter, “loving the headgear, but not sure that’s my crowd.”

Kay posted a video on Thursday, after numerous tweets featured photos of the rioter and mentioned similarities to the singer’s classic ‘look’.

Also in the one-minute video, Kay managed to squeeze in a happy new year, a birthday message thank-you, some animal rights activism, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Just to say, Covid-19 still going on. UK lockdown. However, the way we treat our animals: farming them, caging them, all the rest of it. We’re just going to keep this again and again. So, hopefully we’ll try and learn our lesson.”

We assume the animal reference was brought up in connection to the belief the coronavirus stemmed from an animal at a Chinese wet market.

But back to that cosplay rioter, Jake Angeli.

Angeli was one of many Trump supporters who raided and pillaged Capitol Hill yesterday: it just so happened he did it in the strangest of fight-drag. Not only did he don Viking headgear but a fur bonnet, face paint, and one very daggy pair of flesh-coloured slacks.

Angeli admitted to being a QAnon conspiracy theorist and says he wore the outfit to attract attention, which indeed he did.



Trump supporter, Jake Angeli… Come to think of it, he actually looks like Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame.

Angeli, real name Jacob Chansley, hails from Phoenix and works as an actor and voiceover artist.

You could say yesterday’s scene on Capitol Hill was his big break.

We’d be keen to see where he goes with it.

Lisa Andrews & Antonino Tati



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