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Nutella B-ready bars: they’re like Kinder Buenos but fatter, yummier and more more-ish

I’ve loved Nutella ever since my Uncle Luigi would bring them home to us kids, having pilfered them from European Foods, where he worked.

With chocolate coming in all shapes, sizes and flavours today, Kinder has kinda dropped off my radar. But then this week a big batch of Nutella B-ready bars arrived on my doorstep, its packaging reminiscent of the Kinder kind (FYI, Nutella and Kinder are owned by the same company, Ferrero).

Actually, the B-ready bars look more like breakfast bars in their wrapping, but unwrap these to reveal a delicious chocolate treat with a crunchy biccie-like outside and a creamy, nutty inside.

Combining wafer, wheat puffs and Nutella is a genius idea and I’m wondering why Kinder hasn’t created and released a product like this sooner.

If you like Nutella in a jar, you’ll love a Nutella B-ready bar!

Antonino Tati


Nutella B-ready bars are available in supermarkets and convenience stores, RRP $2.00 for a single bar or $4.99 for a six-pack. Go on… you know you want the six-pack.

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