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‘Britingo’ mixes sassy British comedy with – you guessed it – bingo, and it’s all good laughs

Presented by Fragility and hosted by Andrew Silverwood who is becoming renowned for getting audiences to ‘expect the unexpected’, Britingo is one of those shows you choose when you want to step outside the square and see a show you wouldn’t normally make a beeline to.

Be prepared to fall off your chair, or jump up in excitement of winning bingo while dancing like a dag to bursts of British pop favourites like the Spice Girls.

Andrew is hilarious as your trusty bingo host, cajoling, spruiking and cutting down audience members who don’t follow his five bingo rules.

The hour of fun flew by as the audience played four games of bingo with keen competition, and eyes on the $100 prize.

Buckets of fun to be enjoyed, with Andrew’s dorky but clever delivery of numbers matched to famous song grabs, and accompanied by his sassy British female assistant, Sharon. Together they prove that to ad lib between catchy music, comical quips, stage antics and audience heckling makes a riotous comic mix.

Britingo taking a late-night spot in the Fringe program is ideal as by then most of the audience is limbered loosely (some by grog), ready to let loose and have a laugh.

End your Fringe night with unexpected laughs and maybe a prize, too.

Annette McCubbin


Britingo! Is on at during Fringe World, at the Megamouth, Woodside Pleasure Garden, on January 22 and 23. Tickets are available through www.fringeworld.com.au.

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